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“A versatile actress. When her emerald eyes find you, you are captive.”
T.S. Cook. Writer - China Syndrome, WGA winner,
Oscar & Golden Globe nomination


“Lori Allen Thomas has demonstrated time and time again that she is, indeed, a talent to be recognized.  Whether it’s tapping deep into an emotional role or showcasing her comedic talents, she’s a delight to watch.”
Steve Roth, Vice President, EMG Advertising


"LA Thomas,who displays a convincingly steel reserve, providing just enough tension as she plays the Hollywood game."  - Adrian's Report


"LA Thomas was intriguing, bringing just the right attitude as the double crossing devil." - Discover Hollywood


"LA Thomas scores her comic points nicely as Miguel's mother." - Stage Raw


"LA Thomas delivers some of the plays funniest lines with understated assurance." - Backstage West


"LA Thomas shines in the role. She's attractive and warm, with believable strength of character." - Los Angeles Times

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