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Born Lori Jean Hosepian, a Navy brat, Jackonsville Navy Air Base in FL. Her family hopped from Florida to South Carolina, Virginia and finally San Diego where her father was stationed at Miramar Navy Base as a Naval Commander. Her beloved father died in a plane crash when Lori was just seven years old. His love for flying state of the art jets highly influenced Lori’s imagination, creativity and instilled the aspiration of always doing what you love to do no matter the risk.

At 7 she directed and starred in Hansel & Gretal at her elementary school. Not a broadway hit but this started her love affair with acting. At the age of 14 her sister died of cancer. Once again Lori made her way through the hurt to find a creative outlet in Acting and remembering to live life doing what she loves!


Graduate of Poway High School (home to Poway Performing Arts Theatre) she delved seriously into plays, acting, dancing and singing ,becoming a certified “Drama Geek” & Thespian. She also began doing local and college theatre and landed the role of Charity in Sweet Charity at The San Marcus Youth Theatre. A role, in which she played  again in Los Angeles. After High School she attended The American Academy of Dramatic Arts, The Los Angeles Theatre Academy; studied a 2-year Miesner technique course with Wayne D’vorak; was coached by Madonna Young & John Swanbeck (Director of The Big Kahuna with Kevin Spacey and Danny Devito). Lori endeavors to work in theatre, improv,  TV, film till she is well passed the age of Bettie White.  She strives for continued acting excellence in her career.

Most memorable performance was singing with the cast of Musical Chairs at the Wadsworth Theatre for a 9/11 Memorial hosted by John Ritter.



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